“Go to Joseph.” Genesis 41:55

Everything was going so well.  There was a strong and gentle presence.  There was a voice that was so low it seemed to be the firmness of earth beneath him. There was another as light and musical as the sky all around.  There was security and beatitude and nothing to hinder his steps.  Oh, if only he could step!  But he knew nothing about steps.  Not yet.  And he certainly knew nothing about discouragement.  Exhaustion, yes, but that was natural. Failure was only something to giggle about, but exhaustion?  Well, there was a cure for that.

Everything was going so well.  When and how had he learned to roll over?  What mysterious desire got his fat hands pushing his fat self off the firm earth and a few inches closer to the heavens?  It was delightful to have some kinship with the four-footed and propel oneself headlong.  Independence was pure joy. 

Everything was going so well.  But what restlessness he felt!  It was not enough to be like the donkey.  He wanted to spread wings like the two-footed birds. He reached up.  Alas, he was of the earth and it had a definite pull.  He reached up. He fought the attraction to sink back into his old way of living.  He reached up.  He wanted to fly.

He was standing!  What exhilaration! Never mind that he could not persevere.  He could do it again.  But now there was the problem of immobility.  He was rooted like a tree to its spot.  He looked about in bewilderment.  It is hard to focus at this height, but then he saw the presence that he loved.  His father was before him, father’s hand was close.  “Come,” said the firm and familiar voice.  “Come to me, baby.”  So he forgot himself and took  his first step.  Everything was going so well.     


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